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  • Small Character Inkjet Coder
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    Small Character Inkjet Coder

    small character inkjet coder The coder needs extremely small maintenance quantity, which could be restarted without calibration even if it’s closed for several days. It’s equipped with a smart cartridge with a smart chip, facilitating simple and easy replacement. The coder...
  • Large Character Inkjet Coder
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    Large Character Inkjet Coder

    JG Large Character Inkjet Coder The product series in tiny design is a complete solution for single-row and twin-row carton coding. Customers can quickly set up without any technical intervention. Everything needed for coding can be contained in a machine. Small and...
  • Laser Coder
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    Laser Coder

    JG Laser Coder JG Laser Coder is to conduct the firing with high energy of laser to complete the marking, which is environmental protection, low-cost, maintenance-free, convenient, efficient, reliable, original imported configuration and strong durability without any...
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