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  • Automated Sealing Equipment
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    Automated Sealing Equipment

    Automated OPP sealing equipment is used after carton packing for auto folding the carton and sealing the carton with the OPP tape. The mechanical and pneumatic devices are adopted to automatically sealed with the BOPP tape after completing the folding action. Main adjustment...
  • Robotic Packaging Equipment
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    Robotic Packaging Equipment

    1. Main structure of the robotic packaging equipment The robotic packaging equipment consists of (oil bottle) inlet conveying belt, (oil bottle) pre-stop conveying belt, rack, (oil bottle) lifting device, (oil bottle) horizontal transfer device, oil bottle dropping device,...
  • Drop Type Carton Packaging Equipment
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    Drop Type Carton Packaging Equipment

    Drop type carton packaging equipment can reach up to 1500 barrels/ hour. Stacking palletizing adopts slide self-gravity to feed barrel, which is no power consumption in the standby mode. The built-in signal detection device can palletize automatically. With small coverage and...
  • Carton Erector
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    Carton Erector

    The carton erector is used before carton packing. Open and form a pre-cut carton. OPP tape is adopted to seal the carton bottom. After that, the carton is transported for carton packing with the conveying belt. Technical features 1. It’s designed and manufactured with the use...
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