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  • Automatic Sealer Machine
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    Automatic Sealer Machine

    JG automatic sealer machine 1. High-strength grip PVC tape is adopted to drive both sides of cartons, which is driven and operated smoothly with the packaging tape in the centering of cartons; 2. According to the size of cartons, movement of folding front, rear and both-side...
  • Robotic Packer
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    Robotic Packer

    JG robotic packer JG robotic packer has very simplified mechanical structure, the working failure rate is low and the operation is efficient and stable. JG robotic packer can pack the products in line according to the packing requirements. JG robotic packer has very novel and...
  • Drop Type Carton Packer
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    Drop Type Carton Packer

    JG drop type carton packer 1 According to the packing requirements, JG drop type carton packer can automatically wash products and clean up the arrangement. 2 Novel design and compact structure. 3.JG drop type carton packer has a wide range of applications and is suitable for...
  • Carton Opener
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    Carton Opener

    JG carton opener 1.JG carton opener is adopted with a cam mechanism continuous system, which can be operated accurately, stably and durably. 2 The breakthrough in the design of tape machine can tightly seal the carton with a good smoothing effect of tapes with no tape...
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