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Condiment Packaging Machinery

  • Automatic Palletizing Equipment
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    Automatic Palletizing Equipment

    JG Automatic Palletizing equipment JG Automatic Palletizing equipment , the robot, wrist maximum weight: 180 kg. Wrist maximum weight: 180 kg; Turning radius: 32 mm; Wrist protection rating: IP 65. Line-type robot protection rating: IP 65. Compact and space-saving design; AC...
  • Robot Palletizing Equipment
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    Robot Palletizing Equipment

    JG Robot Palletizing equipment 1. JG Robot Palletizing equipment is operated smoothly with low noise and low failure rate, being safe and reliable; 2. JG Robot Palletizing equipment can be operated automatically and intelligently without attended guard;...
  • Auto Carton Sealing Machine
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    Auto Carton Sealing Machine

    JG auto carton sealing machine JG auto carton sealing machine is a kind of automatic cover-folding carton sealer machine. The mechanical and pneumatic devices are adopted to automatically sealed with the BOPP tape after completing the folding action. The machine has...
  • Robotic Package Machine
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    Robotic Package Machine

    JG robotic package machine JG robotic package machine is very suitable for flexible packaging production lines, which can greatly reduce the packaging period with high accuracy. It has first-rate pick-and-place accuracy both in the operation of fixed position and motion,...
  • Drop Type Carton Package Machine
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    Drop Type Carton Package Machine

    JG drop type carton package machine Combining man-machine interface, stepless speed regulation is realized by using frequency control and PLC control technologies. German SIEMENS programmable controller is used for main control. --- JG drop type carton package machine can be...
  • Carton Opening Machine
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    Carton Opening Machine

    JG carton opening machine JG carton opening machine is used before carton packing. Open and form a pre-cut carton. OPP tape is adopted to seal the carton bottom. After that, the carton is transported for carton packing with the conveying belt.
  • Large Character Inkjet Coding Equipment
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    Large Character Inkjet Coding Equipment

    JG large character inkjet coding equipment JG Large character inkjet coding equipment is to utilize each of the individual valve control switch, which is generally used in the outer box and packaging or large parts, such as coarse water pipe or asbestos board, insulation...
  • Small Character Inkjet Coding Equipment
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    Small Character Inkjet Coding Equipment

    JG small character inkjet coding equipment JG Small character inkjet coding equipment is a non-contact inkjet marking system controlled by a single-chip microcomputer. It exerts a certain pressure on the ink in the system by controlling the internal gear pump or by the...
  • Laser Coding Equipment
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    Laser Coding Equipment

    JG laser coding equipment JG laser coding equipment is to conduct the firing with high energy of laser to complete the marking, which is environmental protection, low-cost, maintenance-free, convenient, efficient, reliable, original imported configuration and strong...
  • Wrap Up Cold Glue Labeling Equipment
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    Wrap Up Cold Glue Labeling Equipment

    JG Wrap up cold glue labeling equipment JG wrap up cold glue labeling machine is a multi-purpose labeling machine, which can label paper trademarks on a variety of glass bottles, including round bottles, square bottles, flat bottles, etc. It can even achieve positioning...
  • Automatic Trapping Label Equipment
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    Automatic Trapping Label Equipment

    JG Automatic Trapping Label equipment Features of JG automatic trapping label equipment: 1. Positioned center guide post: Stabilize the label delivery. 2. Adjustable cutter: Exclusive round cutting off, double-sided blade with a long service life. 3. Brush Group: Sticker...
  • Double Sticker Labeling Equipment
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    Double Sticker Labeling Equipment

    JG Double Sticker labeling equipment 1. It’s an optimized combination of speed, accuracy, stability, ease of use and flexibility of use for the double sticker on the bottle. 2. The requirement of rapid and automatic labeling for the food, grain and oil industries can be...
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