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Cap Twisting System

Cap Twisting System

JG cap twisting system JG cap twisting system includes two types: Centrifugal cap twisting system and star wheel rotary single-head cap-locking system, they are suitable for sealing at the aluminum cover of glass bottle, which can automatically sort and lock caps, solid cap hanging track,...

Product Details


---This system includes two types: Centrifugal cap twisting system and Star wheel rotary single-head cap-locking system, which are suitable for sealing at the aluminum cover of glass bottle and can automatically sort and lock caps, solid cap hanging track, recycling system of removing turn-over caps, optical fiber + photoelectric induction detection system.

---It applies to plastic bottles, glass bottles, PET bottles and various kinds bottles with various screwed caps, in fact, it's a new style automatical equipment designed for pharmaceutical, food, commodity chemical, beverage, oil industries. It can equip different cap dropping system based on the requirement of customers. 

---All construction is stainless steel, which gives excellent appearance and can be easily disinfected, and with process of three layer-paint, it can ensure antirust.

---Both place & capping system and electromagnetic capping heads are equipped with burden discharge function, so taht make sure minimum bottle crash during capping.

---Because of automatic caps arranging and feeding, it will stop when lack of bottle. When accident occurs, the system will automatically  stop or alarm.

---Touch-screen Control Panel, it is easy to use and learn. Mechanical torque control can avoid theft proofing cap breakage and twisting damage of bottle caps.

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