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  • Wrap Up Cold Glue Labeling Equipment
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    Wrap Up Cold Glue Labeling Equipment

    JG Wrap up cold glue labeling equipment JG wrap up cold glue labeling machine is a multi-purpose labeling machine, which can label paper trademarks on a variety of glass bottles, including round bottles, square bottles, flat bottles, etc. It can even achieve positioning...
  • Automatic Trapping Label Equipment
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    Automatic Trapping Label Equipment

    JG Automatic Trapping Label equipment Features of JG automatic trapping label equipment: 1. Positioned center guide post: Stabilize the label delivery. 2. Adjustable cutter: Exclusive round cutting off, double-sided blade with a long service life. 3. Brush Group: Sticker...
  • Double Sticker Labeling Equipment
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    Double Sticker Labeling Equipment

    JG Double Sticker labeling equipment 1. It’s an optimized combination of speed, accuracy, stability, ease of use and flexibility of use for the double sticker on the bottle. 2. The requirement of rapid and automatic labeling for the food, grain and oil industries can be...
  • Single Sticker Labeling Equipment
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    Single Sticker Labeling Equipment

    JG Single Sticker labeling equipment JG Single Sticker labeling equipment is an automatic packaging equipment that adopts adhesive sticker coiling labeling for the single sticker on the bottle to label it on the required location of the bottle. JG Single Sticker labeling...
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