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Automatic Trapping Label Equipment

Automatic Trapping Label Equipment

JG Automatic Trapping Label equipment Features of JG automatic trapping label equipment: 1. Positioned center guide post: Stabilize the label delivery. 2. Adjustable cutter: Exclusive round cutting off, double-sided blade with a long service life. 3. Brush Group: Sticker brush is utilized to...

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 -Positioned center guide post: Stabilize the label delivery.

 -Adjustable cutter: Exclusive round cutting off, double-sided blade with a long service life.

 -Brush Group: Sticker brush is utilized to stick the label right in place.

 -Synchronous bottle-closing device: Facilitate to stabilize the bottle conveying and better trapping labels.

 -Label control electric eye holder: Exclusively combine tail unit and electric eye to improve the cutting accuracy of film materials.

 -Man-machine interface control carton: Humanize the operation.

 -Stainless steel host: Full-cover design, beautiful appearance, safe operation, waterproof and rustproof.   -Configuration instructions of the electrical appliance: It adopts PLC programmable controller, imported servo drives, frequency converters, imported servo drives, frequency converters and sensors. Also, a positioning module is employed to trap labels precisely, quickly and stably.


--With the help of PLC control system, the whole machine is stable and high-speed, and practical operation becomes simple and efficient.

--The electrical appliance adopted by this type of trapping label are all imported configuration, besides, it adopts the high-velocity positioning module, imported servo motor, servo driver, servo controller and fully-automatic adjustment as humanized operation.

-- With the mechanical structure, circuit design and intelligent control, this equipment can satisfy all kinds of different demands, reduce cost,  improve production efficiency, and  this machine can realize the trapping label accurately, conveying labels smoothly and operating it steadily.

--This machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, foodstuff, beverage, cosmetic, chemical industries with high flexibility.

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