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  • Cap Twisting Machine
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    Cap Twisting Machine

    Automatic Screw Bottle Capping Machine Style No.: JG-SGJ JG-SGJ Automatic Screw Bottle Capping Machine is used for cap sorting, cap hanging, cap covering. JG-SGJ Automatic Screw Bottle Capping Machine is composed of six parts: the conveyor, Cap Sealing Mechanism, In-Out...
  • Cap Tapping Machine
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    Cap Tapping Machine

    cap tapping machine Style No.: JG-YGJ JG Cap tapping machine adopts caterpillar track sytle. The tapping machine is made of 304 stainless steel material. The tapping scope is big, the tapping speed is quick, the tapping force is very even. JG tapping machine is a good choice.
  • Cap Sorting Machine
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    Cap Sorting Machine

    cap sorting machine Style No.: JG-LSJ JG Cap sorting machine is designed with the cap-missing detector and reverse caps rejecting mechanism. It can sort out the reversed caps and recollect for second use. It won’t allow the reverse caps into the next capping step. JG cap...
  • Cap Lifting Machine
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    Cap Lifting Machine

    Cap lifting machine Style No.: JG-TSJ JG Cap lifting machine deliveries the caps to the cap hopper instead of labor, which can realize the caps supply as per actual needs. There is the cap detector inside the hopper. The cap lifting machine will start to work when caps qty....
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